Pardais Academy expanded architects creative space


Pardais Academy expanded architects creative space

Pardais Academy surprised Architects

Pardais Academy was «great opportunity for architects to learn about the process of stone transformation at the different steps.» — Stefan R.

During three days, architects and landscape architects learned more about quality of granite and its possibilities of transformation.

Architects contacted directly with stone and processes from design to conception and discussed with projects at lesson sessions with speaker architect who showed the contemporaneity and sustainability of granite.

First day

The first day started inside facilities showing architects and landscape architects how their drawings come to life. From the massive block to the garden bench and all types of finishings this tour showed all. It also showed how different kind of granites (granite colors) can be mixed and become more interesting design products.

Simple products can be also interesting when you have a very interesting architectural project like Harderwijk Station, made by Architect Adam Visser, presented by himself in the first class of the day. Following, the Pardais team, André, Rui André and Pedro explained the how the big stairs, the rounded bench, and other pieces were prepared at factory.

Portuguese architecture were then introduced by Cannatà & Fernandes who presented four amazing works where granite is present and were rescued from old buildings where it was hidden behind wood and clay.

See the photos of Day One in our Pardais Granites Facebook page.

Second day

What is granite and what is it made off? That was perfectly answered by geologist Patrícia Santos, PhD.

Supported by great illustrations and by a quarry tour, Patrícia showed the beauty of granite, granite extraction and technical and mechanical values of this incredible stone.

Another quarry, in a less expected place was showed by the experienced Oporto architect João Rapagão, who revelead that Oporto city was born over a big quarry from where all granite came off to build the second biggest city of Portugal. Incredible buildings were builted and rebuilted with a sustainable concern, starting in the XVII century.

After this amazing lesson about granite sustainability, participants ignited a conversation about an issue in a certain project and how would one solve it.

See the photos of Second day in our Pardais Granites Facebook page.

Third day

Enthusiastic about Porto’s buildings, the last day started by exploring the interior and exterior of the majestic architecture of Freixo Palace.

Then we crossed the iron bridge of D. Luís towards city of Gaia, where pavements were discussed during the walk along Douro river and it all ended at the restaurant with a view to Oporto.

See the photos of Third day in our Pardais Granites Facebook page.

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