Bruno Cosvi

Bruno Cosvi, an architect and product designer, is acclaimed for integrating architectural geometry inspired by 20th-century icons and establishing a harmonious connection with pre-existing human and natural elements in his designs. His reference works include the Bitetos quays in Marco de Canaveses, a multi-stage project that has become a bench...

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Narciso Ferreira

Researcher at LNEG - National Energy and Geology Laboratory. Narciso Ferreira holds a degree in Geology (1980) from the University of Oporto, and started his work as a geologist of mining exploration of Sn/W, in the mines of the Bragança region. In 1983 he started activities of geological mapping at the Geological Survey of Portugal. The instit...

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António Leitão Barbosa

He graduated in Architecture in 1989 from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. In 2008 he completed his 3rd cycle of studies in the Theory and Projects department of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid. He is currently working on a thesis at FAUP's P.D.A. entitled "Censorship and Projection; Modern Architec...

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Luís Ferreira Rodrigues

Luís Ferreira Rodrigues has a degree in Architecture (ESAP 1990) and an international doctorate in Project Theory and Practice (Department of Advanced Architectural Projects at ETSA Madrid), selected for the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Prize of the Polytechnic University of Madrid 2021/2022. He has been a lecturer at ESAP since 1990, teaching...

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Cristina Carvalho

Fields of expertise: natural stones' test methods and European standardization. Working at LNEG  - National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (), since 1994. Head of the Department of Natural Stones at the Science and Mineral Technology Unit, since 2004. Member of CEN/TC 246 — Technical Committee for Natural Stones of the European Commi...

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